About Us

Salon LYON has established a healthier way of looking at ethnic hair and all of its dimensions. We are located in Conyers, GA. and exclusively designed for the professional woman. We've created an artsy, eclectic environment with the purpose of delivering healthy hair care regimens.

Our brand speaks total body health that leads to HEALTHY scalps, coils, textures, and hair! We’ll remain consistent during your hair care journey as you strive for your ultimate hair care goal!

Salon LYON purpose: “To evoke positive energy in our clients and the community while delivering impeccable hair care services.”- Robin Lyons-Morgan

Salon Lyon is Hiring


  • Shampoo Assistant
  • Natural Hair Stylist
  • Weave Tech
  • Braid Tech
  • Eyebrow/ Lash Tech


  • (Assistant) Attending Hair School
  • (Assistant) Valid Shampoo License
  • (Stylist) GA. Professional License
  • (Stylist) Model for demonstration
  • (Weave/Braid Tech) Model for demonstration

Please submit resume to info@salonlyon.com